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JUNE 2012


All Japanese Maples are loosely placed in one of the following groups.  The groups are defined by leaf shape, that is the preponderance of leaves of one shape on an adult plant and in the case of the Dwarf group they are defined by the ultimate height of the plant.

AMOENUM GROUP - Leaf lobes shallowly to moderately divided up to two-thirds of the to the leaf base.

PALMATUM GROUP - Leaf lobes moderately to deeply divided, two-thirds to three-quarters of the way to the to the leaf base.

MATSUMURAE GROUP - Leaf lobes very deeply divided, more than three-quarters of the way to the leaf base.

LINEARILOBUM GROUP - Leaf lobes narrow, strap-like, divided to the leaf base.

DISSECTUM GROUP - Leaf lobes very deeply divided and deeply dissected into sub-lobes.

DWARF GROUP - Cultivars whose mature height does not usually exceed 6'.

OTHER GROUP - Cultivars that cannot be placed in any of the above groups.

The summer leaf color will be noted after the group designation.


Not enough can be said about the value of the Japanese Maple to modern landscape design. As we move towards smaller gardens and become more refined and discriminating in our choice of plants, it is only natural to "discover" the centuries old mainstay of the oriental garden. Beautiful in so many ways, and in so many seasons! Acer palmatum and its cultivars are hardy to -20°F, (USDA Zone 5). They perform fully and with ease through Zone 8. For Zones 9 and above, you may not experience the dramatic fall foliage coloration, but with proper cultivation and care, the trees can be grown with great success still providing their character to your landscape. Please note: In areas with prolonged hot spells, some afternoon shade is advisable.


50037 Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’ — 10-12’, DISSECTUM, red. Syn. ‘Dissectum Garnet.’ An introduction from Holland. Well named, its color is the same as the precious gemstone garnet, and it holds very well through the summer. ‘Garnet’ forms a large mound of delicate foliage. It is strong growing and a very durable landscape plant. Fades if it gets dry. 3-4’ $89.95

51164 Acer palmatum ‘Garnet Tower’ PP 18561 — ?, MATSUMURAE, red. A small deciduous tree with a narrow upright form. Deeply dissected leaves are purple-red, and turn vivid red in fall. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 2-3’ $79.95

50140 Acer palmatum ‘Germaines Gyration’ — 7-12’, DISSECTUM, green. A rapidly growing shrub form of Japanese maple. It will reach 8’ in height and 12’ in spread. Finely dissected green leaves have bronzy highlights and become reddish orange in the fall. The horizontal branches gently twist to form a broad mound. 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $ 89.95

51159 Acer palmatum ‘Ghost Dancers’ — 6’, PALMATUM, variegated. The leaves emerge light green to almost white with red tips, then they turn darkly veined leaves that are variegated with white and pink and then light green with dark veins. #1 $19.95

50244 Acer palmatum ‘Glowing Embers’ — 30’, PALMATUM, green. Here is a cool plant for those warmer climates. It thrives in the southeast, with sun and drought stresses (known to do ok in USDA zone 10)! Typical palmatum green leaves have red petioles in spring and summer, then give way to glowing golds and oranges in fall. It will form a fairly dense rounded crown. 3-4’ $29.95

51058 Acer palmatum ‘Green Elf’ — 6’, DWARF, Green. In spring the leaves are light green turning to a green-gold for summer and finishing in fall with yellow to gold. It’s nice to have some dwarf fall yellows. It does well in either sun or shade. 1-2’ $45.95, 2-3’ $59.95

50096 Acer palmatum ‘Green Hornet’ — 8-10’, DISSECTUM, green. This is an unusual cultivar in that it is green tinged with orange in spring, green in summer and a super bright red in the fall. Most of the green dissectums are yellow to gold in the fall. It is a vigorous grower with long sweeping branches. The leaves are finely dissected and are held very nicely on the branches. 2-3’ $59.95, 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50274 Acer palmatum ‘Green Mist’ — 7-9’, DISSECTUM, green. This is a green leaf dissectum with a crimson hue over the green. The leaf is very deeply cut and turning deep red for the fall. Very slow growing. 2-3’ $69.95

50977 Acer palmatum ‘Green Trompenburg’ — 25’, MATSUMURAE, green. The name says what it is. For those who are not familiar with Trompenburg, however, the foliage comes out in spring with a red tinge, the leaves never fully unfurl though; the edges curl under creating an appearance that the leaves are narrow lobed. Deep green in summer, and are more sun and heat tolerant than the average Japanese maple. Fall color ranges in the yellows and oranges. Growth on this medium to large tree is vigorous. Upright, airy branching is open and broad in maturity. 3-4’ $74.95

51023 Acer palmatum ‘Groundcover’ — 1’, DWARF, green. This is a ground hugging, twiggy plant that will spread to 4’. The foliage his 5 narrow, deep cut lobes of medium green with edges tipped with pink to red-bronze. Unique. #1 $19.95

50101 Acer palmatum ‘Hagoromo’ — 12’, OTHER, green. Unusual dark green leaves have 3-7 lobes, deeply divided and joined at the stem, giving this palmatum a graceful, feathery foliage cover. The margins of each lobe are incised; each portion twists and curves to suggest its name in Japanese, a "dress worn by angels." Fall colors are a blend of yellows and oranges in light tones. 6-7’ $149.95

51114 Acer palmatum ‘Hana matoi’ — 8’, DISSECTUM, variegated. Maybe the most exciting new lace leaf we have recently seen. Leaves of red with streake of pink and cream along the lobe edges and sometimes over the whole lobe. This plant is reported to be a hybrid of ‘Toyama nishiki’. It looks much like its parent and also ‘Goshiki shidare’. 2-3’ $59.95

51115 Acer palmatum ‘Hanazano nishiki’ — 8’, PALMATUM, variegated. Pink to cream irregular patches not always apparent when young if it has been fertilized too much and with many variegated maples over fertilization tends to suppress variegation. Site this cultivar well as it is not as strong growing as the similar cultivar ‘Karasu gawa’. 2-3’ $44.95

50149 Acer palmatum ‘Hanami nishiki’ — 6’, DWARF, green. A delightful dwarf that has about the smallest palmatum leaf form. Light green leaves with orange-red tips appear in the spring, later turning light green or yellowish-green. Growth is slow and densely branched. Great for bonsai and rare in cultivation. 6-7’ $149.95

51094 Acer palmatum ‘Hanzell’ — 8’, DISSECTUM, green. Lovely blue-green foliage is finely cut and its’ orange fall color shows well in sun or shade. This plant should become a standby. 2-3’ $79.95

51013 Acer palmatum ‘Heartbeat’ — 8’, DISSECTUM, red. An new Australian cultivar with bright red foliage that turns orange to scarlet in fall. We particularly like this cultivar as it holds each of it’s leaf segments in their own space and without drooping.. Mounding habit. 2-3’ $69.95

50415 Acer palmatum ‘Hefner’s Red’ — 20’, PALMATUM, red. Developed in N.C. this variety performs very well in the southern states through the heat and humid summers. The red of the spring foliage deepens in the summer to purple red and reputedly shows no strong hues of green even in shade! In the Northwest it looks and behaves a lot like A. p. ‘Bloodgood’. 2-3’ $69.95, 3-4’ $79.95, 4-5' $99.95, 5-6’ $119.95

50266 Acer palmatum ‘Herbstfeuer’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, green . The name is of German derivation and translated, means "autumn fire," so I bet you can guess what the fall color is! Broad and dense growing, this tree will be a densely branched, broad shrub. Beautiful 7-lobed, dark green leaves are held on royal purple stems. This plant grows 12-24" a year. 4-5’ $57.95

50039 Acer palmatum ‘Hikasa yama’ — 27’, PALMATUM, variegated. Syn. 'Higasa yama'An upright-growing tree, forming a tall slender V-shape. Slow growing twiggy stems bear two forms of foliage, a characteristic often seen and enjoyed in Acer palmatum. Tiny, crinkled, variegated spring leaves curl as though the leaf margin is too small for the leaf. Various green leaves have white markings and are edged in pink. A second flush of growth in late June or July reveals small, flat summer leaves of the typical palmate shape. 2-3’ $39.95, 3-4’ $49.95, 5-6’ $139.95

51027 Acer palmatum ‘Hilleri’ — ?,PALMATUM, red. Believed to be a selection of ‘Atropurpureum’ by Heller Nursery in England. That in itself should recommend this new to us cultivar. Bright red fall color on an upright plant. 3-4’ $59.95, 4-5’ $89.95

51165 Acer palmatum ‘Hime Shojo’ — A small tree with a broad twiggy form. Spring leaves are an interesting reddish brown. They turn more green in summer, especially if planted in shade and then back to red in the fall. 2-3’ $69.95

51001 Acer palmatum ‘Hippy Fin Mo’ — 10’, ?, green. This cultivar reminds one of ‘Kurui jishi’, but with its only slightly upturned leaf edges and its dark green color. The small 5 lobed palmate style leaves are nicely textured and held on the stems each in its own place. The yellow fall color is accented by red veins. We believe it will be smaller in stature than ‘Kurui jishi’. A good find. 3-4’ $59.95

50040 Acer palmatum ‘Hogyoku’ — 18’, AMOENUM, green. Brilliant orange fall color. Leaves are bright green in summer with a slightly down-turned tip. A most attractive small tree. The radiating warmth of orange-yellow fall color is the outstanding feature of this maple. Compact growth responds well to pruning. 5-6’ $114.95, 7-8’ $179.95

50251 Acer palmatum ‘Hoshi kuzu’ — 5’, DWARF, variegated. In English this name means "star-studded sky" and refers to the numerous small star shaped leaves on this dense maple. Leaves are generally flat and variegation is pale green over medium green and variable in its covering of the foliage, young leaves will be lightly pink at the edges. Tidily shaped by nature, and slightly twiggy this maple is great for container growing or any small, wanting corner in the garden. 2-3’ $44.95

50125 Acer palmatum ‘Hupp’s Dwarf’ — 3’, DWARF, green. A small shrub to 3’ x 3’ with small well developed 5-lobed leaves. The new growth is a pinkish-red, turning to a rich green, turning orange-gold in the fall. The most spectacular aspect of this tree is the tremendous variability of leaf size, that can range from the size of a dime to that of a quarter. The internodes are also so short that the leaves have a very dense look, giving the impression they are stacked upon one another. Grows very slowly. Excellent for bonsai. 2-3’ $75.95

50214 Acer palmatum ‘Hupp’s Red Willow’ — 8’, LINEARILOBUM, red. A small red linearilobum with slender leaf segments, that holds its color well and is bright red in fall. A nice addition to this group. A great small tree. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $75.95

50014 Acer palmatum ‘Ichigyo ji’ — 30’, AMOENUM, green. The very large, fresh, green leaves are up to 6" across with a spread of about 7" from tip to tip on the side lobes. The tree is upright and broad, and when older, it forms a round head. The Japanese say to plant one each of ‘Ichigyoji’ and ‘Osakazuki’ to get the full glory of the autumn brilliance with yellows, oranges, and reds. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $59.95

50034 Acer palmatum ‘Iijima sunago’ — 30’, MATSUMURE, variegated. This is a dark-leafed variegated maple which will make an interesting addition to your garden. Large leaves with 7-9 lobes and good texture emerge red, even slightly orange in the spring. As they mature, they become a deep purplish-brown with tiny, irregular green spots. Branching is strong and sturdy. Fall color is orange-red to orange-yellow. A unique variety! 2-3’ $59.95, 4-5’ $89.95

50078 Acer palmatum ‘Inaba shidare’ — 7-12’, DISSECTUM, red. Sometimes sold under the name ‘Red Select,’ this is one of the fastest growing of all dissectums. Leaves carry deep maroon tones in spring and summer, and in fall, the foliage turns yellow and yellow-orange. An excellent choice for landscaping with its strong and robust growth habit. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $65.95

50085 Acer palmatum ‘Inazuma’ — 36’, MATSUMURAE, red. A hardy, vigorous cultivar with intense purple-red leaves in spring and summer. Give this one a lot of space. The foliage is dark green at maturity, with crimson tones becoming evident in cold weather. Leaves are deeply divided, purple when young with soft bronze highlights on dark green in the summer. Fall brings a display of brilliant orange-red. 1-2’ $35.95, 2-3’ $44.95, 3-4’ $54.95

50381 Acer palmatum ‘Irish Lace’ — 5-8’, DISSECTUM, green. The bright pink new foliage appears all season against a background of older leaves maturing to green with bronze tips. This is the only green laceleaf that we know of that has pink new foliage. Outstanding addition to any collection. 2-3’ $69.95

50978 Acer palmatum ‘Itami nishiki’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, variegated. This small sized tree has deeply cut five lobed leaves. Medium green in spring and summer with variegated margins ranging in color from light pinkish orange to deep orange. Fall color ranges through the yellows. An upright dense growing variety. 4-5’ $89.95

50269 Acer palmatum ‘Japanese Sunrise’ — 12-18’, PALMATUM, green. This plant’s similarities to ‘Sango Kaku’ begin with bright yellow on one side of the stem, ending in a blaze of red on the other, much like a ‘Japanese Sunrise’. This is a medium sized tree with short twiggy growth. In the fall the spectacular gold leaves are a special treat. This tree grows 6-12" a year. 1-2’ $35.95

50999 Acer palmatum ‘Jeddeloh Orange’ — 8’, DISSECTUM, green. I particularly like the way each leaf segment is held in its own space because the leaves have great substance. The new growth is frosted with shades of orange that turn green upon maturity. The wonderful fall display of yellow overlaid with a brilliant orange is most certainly worth mentioning. It looks like they just turned the lights on!! 2-3’ $49.95

50176 Acer palmatum ‘Jiro shidare’ — 12’, PALMATUM, green. A cascading form with green leaves of medium size. As a young tree the plant is somewhat upright. As it matures, it begins to droop, sometimes all the way back down to the ground. It has a very lacy appearance and good fall color is a beautiful crimson-red. 2-3’ $45.95, 3-4’ $64.95

51040 Acer palmatum ‘Johnnie’s Pink’ — 8’?, PALMATUM, red. Unusual and attractive semiglossy, bronze-red hawthornlike small leaves them turn bronze-green in summer. It is 5 lobed with the center lobe larger and longer than the other leaf lobes. Forms a round shrub. A rare plant. 2-3’ $69.95

51057 Acer palmatum ‘Julia’ — 6-7’, MATSUMURE, variegated. Leaves have dark green veins on a pale green ground similar to ‘Shigitatsu sawa’ in color but not shape. This interesting new, to us, plant will do well in shade. 2-3’ $45.95

50041 Acer palmatum ‘Kagiri nishiki’ — 25’, PALMATUM, variegated. A beautiful, strong but slow growing, variegated form, with small bluish-green leaves, streaked white and margined in pink tones. The cultivar is distinct in the asymmetrically shaped leaf lobes which curve in a sickle fashion. Also noteworthy is the dense branching. It forms a small tree of outstanding beauty! 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95, 6-7’ $149.95

50042 Acer palmatum ‘Kamagata’ —4-8’, DWARF, green. One of the most fabulous introductions of all the palmatums, ‘Kamagata’ is a variety of A. palmatum selected by J. D. Vertrees. It is diminutive and bush-like in growth habit but in an open manner, creating a very small tree with the distinct branching usually found only on upright tree forms. Add to this green leaves with red margined detail. Though a dwarf cultivar, it grows vigorously when young. It’s tolerant of full sun and dry conditions. Spectacular orange-red leaves in autumn. Excellent for bonsai. 1-2’ $49.95, 2-3’ $69.95, 3-4’ $89.95

50944 Acer palmatum ‘Kara ori nishiki’ — 12’, PALMATUM, coppery green, variegated. This Japanese name refers to a specific brocade often used by dancers. New growth emerges deep red and matures to coppery green in summer with white deepening to yellow variegation, sometimes painting just the edges, sometimes almost entire leaves, and often with pink overtones. A slow growing cultivar that will always intrigue with its colorful brocade. 3-4’ $59.95

50177 Acer palmatum ‘Karasu gawa’ — 7-13’, PALMATUM, variegated. Spectacular pink new growth emerges in spring. Mature leaves enjoy a variety of variegation: some leaves are almost white with streakings of pink or pink and green; others are pink to brick red with some white and green spotting; and then there will be many mostly green leaves with lighter green markings or darker green veins. The color will vary somewhat depending on exposure to sun or shade, but it is always very beautiful. In the fall all of the lighter variegations turn a deep rose, especially beautiful when mixed with still green leaves. 5-6’ $129.95

50102 Acer palmatum ‘Kasagi yama’ — 15-25’, MATSUMURAE, red variegated. This upright, open growing, small tree makes an excellent specimen in the garden. The deeply cut, 7-lobed leaves are primarily brick-red with dark green edges. The veins are also a different color, varying from light green to almost black. The colors will vary somewhat, depending on exposure to sun or shade, but it is always unique and always beautiful! 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $59.95

50312 Acer palmatum ‘Kasen nishiki’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, variegated. A very nice variegated maple, this one has new foliage in the spring that is often covered with pink-red or light orange-red that soon matures into variegated greens. The coloration is very soft and quite different from other variegated cultivars. The leaves range from 2-3" in size. This is a small bushy tree that will not spread very much. It is well worth its place in any landscape. 6-7’ $149.95

50095 Acer palmatum ‘Kashima’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. Bright yellow-green leaves emerge in spring with brick-red margins making a very striking show on this sturdy little dwarf. ‘Kashima’ lends itself well to rock garden and bonsai culture since it is so hardy and compact and can tolerate dryer conditions. Fall colors are in the yellow tones. 4-5’ $99.95

50114 Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ — 10-15’, PALMATUM, green. In the spring, the leaves are light yellow-orange with deeper orange margins. In summer, the leaves become deeper green. A small leaved cultivar excellent for bonsai. Each leaf has 5 lobes which taper to long points. A tight, densely branched but upright growing tree. 1-2’ $29.95

50178 Acer palmatum ‘Keiser’ — 6-12’, LINEARILOBUM, red. This is a new selection, looking similar to ‘Red Pygmy’ but with larger leaves. When it is more mature, it resembles an exotic red bamboo. Something new and different for your garden. Wonderful golden yellow in the fall. 1-2’ $34.95, 3-4’ $49.95

50152 Acer palmatum ‘Ki hachijo’ — 18’, MATSUMURE, green. A sturdy and strong growing, small tree with distinctive green bark, striped white. Leaves are leathery, 7-lobed, bright green, turning yellow-gold with red highlights throughout the fall. 3-4’ $74.95, 6-7’ $149.95

51068 Acer palmatum ‘Ki setsudde’ — 10’, PALMATUM, red. This is a relatively fast growing tree rose colored foliage. In fall it is a strong crimson. 4-5’ $89.95

50196 Acer palmatum ‘Killarney’ — 30’, AMOENUM, green. The luck of the Irish is in this new green leafed maple. Very similar to A. palmatum ‘Burgundy Lace’ with leaves deeply cut and serrated in the same manner, but green. It is also similar in forming a small, spreading tree of delicate proportions. 2-3’ $44.95

50416 Acer palmatum ‘Kim’ — 4’, DISSECTUM, red. Deeply divided small leaves with serrated edges that forms a small spreading mound. A nice addition to this group. 2-3’ $49.95

51097 Acer palmatum ‘Kinky Krinkle’ — 5’, DWARF, green. An upright deciduous tree with marvelous "crinkled" bright-green leaves coming out with a purple edge that add a unique appeal. Fall color in golden orange hues. Prefers sun/partial shade. Discovered and introduced by the Flora Wonder(tm) Collection of Buchholz Nursery. 4-5’ $69.95

50043 Acer palmatum ‘Kinran’ — 10-15’, MATSUMURE, red. Famous for its rich, gold autumn leaf color with crimson highlights. ‘Kinran’ shows bright green mid veins against shiny red-purple leaves in spring. Deeply cut leaf shape gives a lacy appearance. A broad growing tree with a spreading habit, it adapts well to container or bonsai use. It achieves new glory in the fall with a deep bronze at tip ends fading to a shining golden yellow--a very intriguing selection! 1-2’ $39.95, 2-3’ $45.95

50270 Acer palmatum ‘Kinshi’ — 6-12’, DISSECTUM, green. The name means "with golden threads" because of its gorgeous fall display of orange-yellow leaves. The plant habit is semi-dwarf. Emerald-green leaves are deeply divided into 7-lobes. Rarely found in cultivation. 2-3’ $69.95

51116 Acer palmatum ‘Kiri nishiki’ — 10’, DISSECTUM, green. Light green summer foliage that does well in full sun that turns a glowing gold with crimson tips in fall. Really nice substance in the leaves gives this old Japanese cultivar a substantial look with its lobes standing out well. Usually it is wider than tall. #1 $49.95

50115 Acer palmatum ‘Kiyohime’ — 6’, DWARF, green. An excellent choice in a small garden or bed where the desired effect is miniature landscape to scale. The horizontal branching habit of this cultivar creates a very small tree with a spreading canopy, similar in shape to the beloved, horizontally spreading cherry tree. Especially more broadly lobed than typical and are slightly glossy and prominently veined. Leaves tinged orange-red emerge in spring turn a rich green In the summer and become brilliant orange-yellow in the fall. #1’ $39.95, 2-3’ $79.95, 3-4’ $89.95

51166 Acer palmatum ‘Kogane Sakae’ — 40’, AMOENUM, green. A strong, upright habit that is one of the largest of the palmatums. Its unusual bark sets it apart in this group. It is green with a yellow tone that has striations and irregular streaks running lengthwise on the branches. The leaves are bright green in spring with red tips. Fall colors are pale orange to yellow. 2-3’ $79.95

50331 Acer palmatum ‘Komachi hime’ — 6’, DWARF, green. A very slow growing dwarf with small, glossy, rich green leaves that are edged in red in the spring. As summer wanes, green gives way to yellows and oranges for a bright fall display. A very nice choice for container or bonsai culture, this tree stays small and compact. 2-3’ $59.95

50357 Acer palmatum ‘Komon nishiki’ — 6-10’, PALMATUM, variegated. The summer foliage color is bright, pale green, but the new growth emerges tinged rosy-pink. As leaves mature, they take on a sand-dusted type of variegation in which very tiny yellow or white specks dust the leaves. ‘Komon nishiki’ means ‘small figures on brocade’ which describes this beautiful yet subtle form of variegation. This cultivar lends itself well to bonsai culture where it will stay quite small; only when happy in a garden situation will it attain full height. Bright crimson in fall. 5-6’ $119.95

50086 Acer palmatum ‘Korean Gem’ — 30’, PALMATUM, green. Formally know as ‘Koreanum’. A strong-growing variety of palmatum native to South Korea, this tree is openly branched with dark bark. Dark green, 7-lobed leaves have slight red markings in spring and intense yellow to orange shades in the fall. A dependable tree for adding beauty to any yard. #1 $19.95, 1-2’ $39.95

50087 Acer palmatum ‘Koshibori nishiki’ — 8-12’, PALMATUM, variegated. What a beauty, with the small new leaves edged in orange in spring! This delightfully variegated, almost dwarf cultivar has delicate specks of yellow on the green foliage in summer and develops a slightly cascading habit as it matures. An excellent small tree for the patio. Beautiful in the fall with a melange of yellows and oranges. Both desirable and rare in cultivation. 1-2’ $29.95, 2-3’ $49.95, 4-5’ $79.95, 6-7’ $149.95

50348 Acer palmatum ‘Koto maru’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. This is a lovely little green dwarf that resembles the leaf shape, size, and growth rate of ‘Beni Hime’. New foliage starts out yellow with bronze edges and tips then changes to dark green throughout the growing season. Forms a dense compact slow growing bush. 1-2’ $29.95

50229 Acer palmatum ‘Koto-no-ito’ — 14’, LINEARILOBUM, green. New leaves five lobed unfold with crimson tones but soon turn green. The size of the foliage varies; if it is on old wood it is very fine and feathery, on new wood the leaf segments are broader and longer. The leaves just dance in the breeze. It is an upright growing tree with bright green bark. Fall colors range through various shades of yellow and when grown in full sun the color is a wonderful glowing peachy red. 1-2’ $29.95, 3-4’ $99.95, 6-7’ $139.95

50116 Acer palmatum ‘Kotohime’ — 2-5’, DWARF, green. One of the smallest leaves of all the palmatums. New leaves emerge bright rose to orange-red, shading into green in the center. In summer, leaves are deep apple-green. A very desirable, sturdy little tree with short, stout branchlets. 1-2’ $39.95, 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $74.95, 4-5’ $89.95

51127 Acer palmatum ‘Koyuki’ — A new selection from the famous "Hooks" family of Japanese Maple collectors from Atlanta Georgia. The name literally translates to "Little Snowflake". This is a beautiful growing Maple with green leaves veined with white. Leaf appearance is that of a small "snowflake." Great tree for the small garden. 2-3’ $69.95

50197 Acer palmatum ‘Kurabu yama’ — 12’, MATSUMURAE, green. This green maple has leaves that are much thicker and heavier textured than most. Spring growth unfolds with a rusty-red appearance which changes to a rich, deep green. It is vigorous growing and becomes broad with age, with a spreading, shrub like habit. Very distinctive and known for its excellent fall color. 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $89.95, 5-6’ $119.95

51167 Acer palmatum ‘Kurenai jishii’ — 4’, DWARF, red. Dense, slightly contorted foliage on a compact, dwarf shrub. Small leaves with twisted lobes are purple-brown with a lighter orange-brown on new growth. Yellow to red fall color. 4’ tall by 3’ wide with age. 2-3’ $79.95

51178 Acer palmatum ‘Kuro hime’ — 5’, DWARF, green. Deeply divided, usually 5 lobed small leaves with a dominant center lobe are bright pink-red turning to green with rud brushed margins, and then turning to dark green before their red fall color. the plant habit is compact and dense. 1-2’ $49.95

50088 Acer palmatum ‘Kurui jishi’ — 6’, DWARF, green. Deep green leaves have a star shaped appearance due to the incurved lobes, similar to ‘Okushimo’. A slow, stiff, upright grower excellent for small gardens or container growing. 3-4’ $69.95, 4-5’ $99.95

50382 Acer palmatum ‘Lemon Lime Lace’ — 6-12’, DISSECTUM, two-toned green. The plant is the name! All we can add is what a delicious sight it is to see the twirl of lemon sherbert and lime sherbert in summer as the light yellow leaves continue to emerge while others darken to an apple green. Then in the fall, deep tangerine, what a treat! It’s dissected lobes are long and its leaf stems short, creating a dense but irregularly mounded specimen. 1-2’ $59.95, 2-3’ $79.95

Acer palmatum ‘Linearilobum’ — see ‘Shinobuga oka’.

50027 Acer palmatum ‘Lionheart’ — 5-10’, DISSECTUM, red. This red dissectum is fairly upright in habit, compared to most dissectums, but still showing the characteristic mounding. Not as fast a grower as the green dissectums. 2-3’ $49.95, 3-4’ $59.95, 5-6’ $119.95

50137 Acer palmatum ‘Lutescens’ — 24’, AMOENUM, green. This is one of the 7-lobed heptalobum group that is an upright grower. New growth is yellowish-green, soon changing to rich emerald-green. Grown especially for its fall colors of rich yellows and golds. Rare in cultivation. 5-6’ $99.95

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