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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, sizes listed are approximate 10 year sizes. In general, azaleas, particularly dwarf varieties, grow slowly. Most average 3-10" of growth per year depending on a host of factors, including climate, seasonal variations, maintenance programs and fertilization. Azaleas prefer many of the same cultivation conditions that rhododendrons do, such as acidic soil, filtered or partial sun, good drainage, and a regular watering schedule. We have noted exceptions when applicable. One small cultivation tidbit: since azaleas begin to initiate bud formation following their spring growth (usually late June through July), keeping the soil moist at this time assists in maximum bud formation.



Prices may change without notice.

6-10" (15-25 cm)  — $12.95
10-15" (25-38 cm) — $18.95
15-21” (38-53 cm) — $27.95

21-30" (53-76 cm) — $39.95

*Unless noted otherwise.


Dwarf — Under 18”
Low — 18” - 3’
Medium — 3’ - 6’
Tall — over 6’

Based on flowering time in Oregon.

Early — March 15th to April 15th
Mid — April 15th to May 15th
Late — May 15th thru June



40033 Azalea ‘Aikoku’— (Satsuki) [Late, 0°F, Low] The 2½-3'' flowers vary from white with purple-pink stripes to totally purple-pink with white margins. Stays low and will spread to about 3'. 6-10"

40098 Azalea ‘Anna Kehr’ — (Kehr) [Mid, 0oF, Low] This introduction, by well known Dr. August Kehr, is a cross of ‘Triomphe' x ‘Rosebud'. It produces double flowers of deep pink tinged with purple, with wavy lobes. The plant is vigorous and easy to grow, reaching 2-3' in height and width. One word describes this fine azalea: Superb!  10-15"

40247 Azalea ‘B. Henry’s Dwarf’ — (R. indicum) [Late, -5oF, Low] This is a sport of ‘Osakazuki' with very small leaves, peachy pink, single and semi-double flowers. Introduced by Crow Haven Farms in Oregon. 6-10"

40134 Azalea ‘Ben Morrison’ — (Morrison) [Early, -10oF, Med/Tall] Beautiful bi-color flowers display deep pink tones in the center that fade to white on the petal edges; a purplish red blotch flecks its interior. Growing upright to 5' this selection is striking! 6-10"

40064 Azalea ‘Beni Kirishima’ — (Satsuki) [Late, -5oF, Low] Double, 2" flowers saturated in orange-red tones with darker blotches. Mounding in habit. 6-10"

40147 Azalea ‘Betty Anne Voss’ — (Robin Hill) [Mid, -10oF, Low] 3" double orchid-pink blooms, emerge from buds that open like rosebuds. Dark green foliage is pleasantly carried on a plant that grows to a little over 1'x2' in 5 years. 6-10"

40002 Azalea ‘Blue Danube’ — (Vuykiana) [Late,-10oF, Low] This venerable variety from Boskoop, Holland, features May blooms colored deep red-violet and marked by purplish ribs and dark red blotches, quite unlike any other. Its habit is upright to 3' and spreading. 6-10"

40235 Azalea ‘Bradley Jacob’ — Strawberry guava buds, fading to white at their base, open to display just the right amount of salmon coloring on the petal margins, more intense at the tips. 6-10"

40791 Azalea ‘Bruce Hancock’ — (Harris) [Mid, 10oF, Low] Wonderful large white flowers with a pink edge. This is a cascading variety and will cascade 4' down in 5 years. Get out your hanging baskets. 6-10"

40774 Azalea ‘Bryan Harris’ — (Harris) [Mid, -10oF, Low] Pale pink with a darker edge. Its' nice open flower form shows off the subtle colors will. It has "Gumpo" type foliage. 6-10"

40003 Azalea ‘Buccaneer’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Medium] Rated as one of the top four Glenn Dale hybrids by the Azalea Society of America, this plant displays flowers that are a brilliant orange-red with a dark brick-red flare. Plant form is upright to 5' and spreading. Can sunburn in open locations. 10-15"

40166 Azalea ‘Caroline Gable’ — (Gable) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Med/Tall] We use this one for plant shows! Deep rose-red flowers accented with a darker blotch. In the fall, the foliage of this excellent plant takes on brick-red coloration, holding its red leaves until spring. Plant habit is mounded. 6-10"

40730 Azalea ‘Cayuga’ — (Greenwood) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Low/Med] You will love these hose-in-hose, deep mauve flowers with white centers. The plants has deep green foliage. Loverly! 6-10", 10-15"

40115 Azalea ‘Cherry Drops’ — (Mauritsan) Mid, 0°F, Low. The result of a cross between ‘Hahn’s Red’ x ‘Ward’s Ruby’. This compact grower with densely branching habit boasts lightly frilled, cherry-red blooms and glossy, deep green leaves. This is a gem. 6-10"

40760 Azalea ‘Chinsei’ — (Satsuki) [Mid,-5oF, Dwarf] Flowers are a vivid purple-pink with a darker blotch and small narrow leaves. There can’t be enough little dwarfs of this quality to suit us. 6-10"

40216 Azalea ‘Chugi Bungwa’ — (Satsuki) [Late, -5oF, Low] An azalea that blooms in a myriad of colors, like ‘Eikan', but will be a much more compact plant. Sold out.

40004 Azalea ‘Concho’ — (Greenwood) [Late, 5oF, Dwarf] A prolific bloomer with strong reddish-purple blooms 2½'' across. It is considered a low dwarf, only growing to 16" tall and about as wide. 6-10"

40006 Azalea ‘Coral Bells’ — (Kurume) [Early, -5oF,Low] Blooming in March with 1" hose-in-hose flowers are a warm rose-pink with darker veins. Low and spreading, ‘Coral Bells' mounds to 2½' high. A very special form. 6-10"

40057 Azalea ‘Dorothy Gish’ — (Rutherford) [Mid, -5oF, Tall] Frilled, 2-3" hose-in-hose blooms appear mid-season in bursts of red-oranges with darker flares. Simply gorgeous, this floriferous selection grows to 6-8' and spreads. 6-10"

40751 Azalea ‘Early Beni’ — (Gartrell) [Mid, 0oF, Low] Crayola's red-orange is what you'll have when these hose-in-hose flowers come on in spring. The rest of the year you will enjoy its short habit and deep green medium sized foliage. Easy to color within the lines with this great plant! 6-10"

40065 Azalea ‘Eikan’ — (Satsuki) [Late, -5oF, Low] An azalea with variable blossoms; ‘Eikan' hosts a myriad of colors. In June, 3-4" flowers show shades of snowy white and/or delicate salmon pink in combinations including stripes, spots and blushes. A vigorous grower, ‘Eikan' reaches a height of about 2' and continues to spread. Such personality makes this a must for your garden. SOLD OUT

40202 Azalea ‘Elsie Lee’ — (Shammarello) [Mid, -15oF, Medium] A hybrid of ‘Desiree' x ‘Rosebud', ‘Elsie Lee' displays light bluish-lavender flowers that are frilly, semi-double and 2-3" across. Part of its show includes pale yellow centers flecked with dark red purple. Semi-dwarf, it reaches about 3'x3' in 15 years. Very hardy and showy! 6-10"

40242 Azalea ‘Elsie Lee’ x ‘Janet Rhea’ [Mid, -15oF, Medium] An outstanding double with vibrant pink-lavender to lighter lavender large flowers make this a prize. It is a compact hardy plant. You'll like it. 6-10", 10-15"

40117 Azalea ‘Eros’ — (Glenn Dale) [Late, -5°F, Low] This compact cutie would make Cupid himself proud. Beginning in May, blooms open deep pink with small dark blotches on overlapping lobes. As flowers fade lightly, this blotch becomes more striking. Low and spreading. 6-10"

40011 Azalea ‘Everest’ — (Glenn Dale) [Early, -5oF, Low] Mountains of white flowers, 2" across with a pale chartreuse blotch. Broad and spreading. One of the best low growing whites. 6-10"

NEW 40193 ‘Fascination’ — (Harris) [Mid, -5°F, Medium] Fascination, indeed! When it blooms, 4-5" flowers with creamy pink centers yielding to bright red borders cover the plant. The colors are bewitching, making it one of the most striking and showy plants in your garden! In summer, deep green, luscious foliage covers this vigorous hybrid. 6-10"

40012 Azalea ‘Flame Creeper’ — (Macrantha) [Late, -10oF, Dwarf] Noted for its tolerance of full sun, this reliable azalea displays a profusion of scarlet-orange flowers. It makes a delightful ground cover with its small leaves and creeping habit. 6-10"

40726 Azalea ‘Frances Rogers’ — (Mucronatum) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] We’ve had this cultivar in our garden since the ‘50s, and it’s fragrance (yes, fragrance!) charms us every spring. Medium sized, lavendar-pink flowers with darker spots on their upper lobe, cover the delicate looking foliage. 6-10"

40013 Azalea ‘Gaiety’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Med/Tall] Another of the most highly rated Glenn Dale hybrids, ‘Gaiety' features 2-3" rose pink flowers with dark violet flares in April. Narrow green leaves on plant of spreading habit are a nice contrast. 15-21"

40093 Azalea ‘Girard’s Chiara’ — (Girard) [Mid, -15°F, Low] This hardy azalea has ruffled 2½'' hose-in-hose flowers, tinged with rose and lavender tones, nicely offsetting red-orange blotches. 6-10"

40068 Azalea ‘Girard’s Fuchsia’ — (Girard) [Mid, -15oF, Low] Vivid red-purple flowers with lighter spotting and wavy petals adorn this compact grower, which reaches a little over 2' in 4 years. Leaves turn a reddish color in fall, brightening the winter garden. 6-10"

40132 Azalea ‘Girard’s Hot Shot’ — (Girard) [Mid, -10oF, Low] Hardy with 3' dark red-orange to scarlet flowers completely cover this hybrid. It reaches about 2'x2' in 8 years. Foliage is medium green, changing to a brilliant orange-red in the fall. 6-10"

Azalea ‘Girard’s Leslie’ — See Azalea ‘Leslie’s Purple’.

40706 Azalea ‘Girard’s Rose’ — (Girard) [Mid, -10oF, Low] The wavy flowers always get a second glance with their inside a deep pink and their coquettish outside a deeper yellow pink. An added attraction comes in fall when the dark green foliage becomes a rusty red-orange. 6-10"

40081 Azalea ‘Glacier’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] Rated by the Azalea Society of America as one of the top 4 Glenn Dale hybrids, this early bloomer boasts 3" white flowers with faint green tones, like the edges of a spring snow pack. A vigorous, upright grower with dark green, lustrous leaves, ‘Glacier' reaches and spreads to 6'. 6-10"


40126 Azalea ‘Greenwood Orange’ — (Greenwood) [Mid/Late, 0°F, Low] This upright, open azalea with small rounded leaves grows to 2½' x 2'. Light orange-red 2'' double blooms appear mid-May. 6-10"

40084 Azalea ‘Gumpo Pink’ — (Satsuki) [Late,-5oF, Dwarf] Flowers 2-3" across show rose-pink tones with darker flecks. ‘Gumpo Pink' grows low and compact. 6-10"

40095 Azalea ‘Gumpo Red’ — (Satsuki) [Late,-5oF, Dwarf] Salmon red flowers on a compact plant low growing plant.  It does not look like the other "Gumpos" for flowers and it is not really "red", but all the same it is an adorable azalea. I have no idea why it is included in the 'Gumpo' Group.  But it is good for bonsai and pot culture. 6-10"

40017 Azalea ‘Gumpo White’ — (Satsuki) [Late, -5oF, Low] Wavy 2-3" white flowers with occasional purple flecks and small, glossy leaves make this plant especially attractive. Similar in habit to ‘Gumpo Fancy,' plant grows low and compact. 6-10"

40782 Azalea ‘Gyokokan’ — (Satsuki) (Late, -5oF, Medium] The name means "Crown of Dawn" and is appropriately named as it is white with vivid stripes and sectors of red orange. The 2 1/2" to 3" flowers are particularly showy against the long narrow foliage. 6-10"

40113 Azalea ‘Hahn’s Red’ — (Kurume) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] This older cultivar's bright scarlet blooms are produced in abundance. A slow grower, it has an upright habit, reaching about 6'. Highly regarded, it is showy against any background! SOLD OUT

40794-2 Azalea 'Hardy Gardenia Sport' — This new dwarf azalea is now available.  It is, it is a "MUST HAVE" plant.  Tiny deep shiny green leaves open to small but in scale to the plant, absolutely fabulous double white flower.  This will get a new name and I predict it will be an azalea that will be famous for years to come.  Be the first to have it in your yard. 6-10" $19.95.

40101 Azalea ‘Helen’ — (‘Sekidera' seedling x ‘Purple King') [Late, -5oF, Tall] Few azaleas show purple tones, and this new one features large, deep purple flowers. Yew green foliage adds the right touch on this medium to large shrub, reaching 8' or more. 10-15"

40082 Azalea ‘Helen Close’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Medium] Another of the 18 most highly rated Glenn Dale hybrids, ‘Helen Close' displays 2-3" white mid-season flowers with pale yellow blotches that fade to white. Plant habit is dense and twiggy, to 2-3' high. 6-10"

40196 Azalea ‘Herbert’ — (Gable) [Early/Mid, -5oF, Low/Medium] Frilled 1-2" hose-in-hose blooms produced early to mid-season, host hues of red-violets with vivid dark violet flares. This spreading azalea grows low to medium in height. 6-10"

40019 Azalea ‘Hershey’s Red’ — (Kurume) [Early, -5°F, Medium] A very bright, double red flower on a plant that is compact and hardy. Good foliage and bright flower make this an exceptional azalea. 6-10"

40020 Azalea ‘Hexe’ — (Indian) [Mid, -5oF, Low to Medium] Deep fuchsia flowers have a hose-in-hose configuration, creating a mass of ruffled blooms mid to late season. ‘Hexe' is a very sturdy, dense, low growing plant. 6-10"

40021 Azalea ‘Hino Crimson’ — (Kurume) [Early, -10oF, Low/Med] Bright crimson flowers unfold in April, holding their color well into ensuing weeks. This attribute, coupled with sun tolerance and red winter foliage, makes ‘Hino Crimson' an excellent all around choice. Planted in the open, it grows to a dense 2½' mound, although it adapts well for use as hedging. Very popular! 6-10"

40087 Azalea ‘Hinode-giri’ — (Kurume) [Early, -5oF, Medium] One of the more sun-tolerant hybrids, this azalea produces multitudes of rose-crimson flowers early to mid-season. Small, glossy leaves turn bright red in winter on this dense and shapely plant. 6-10"

40243 Azalea ‘I’ll Be Damned’ — [Mid, -5°F, Tall. An outstanding light pink flowering very vigorous Azalea that has very large leaves. It’s a very healthy plant. Not sure where it got its name, but you will like the plant. The correct name of this variety is really 'Fairfax' by George Ring who is the real hybridizer of this plant.  'I'll be damned' was incorrectly named registered and patented by Don Hager, but it is really 'Fairfax'6-10"

40237 Azalea ‘Jason Lee’ — The magenta tipped buds blurring to light pink at their base, hint at the wonderful contrast of color displayed when the flowers open. Soft pink radiates from the throat amidst petals edged in that luscious magenta. SOLD OUT

40089 Azalea ‘Jeremiah’ — (Girard) [Mid, -10oF, Low.] Lush, deep pink, ruffled, hose-in-hose blossoms can grow to 2½'' across. It's hardiness would make it special, if it's form and color hadn't already done so. 6-10"

40210 Azalea ‘Johanna’ — (Vuyk)[Late, -5oF, Low] Considered one of the best for its dark green shiny foliage that turns a stunning crimson in the fall. ‘Johanna' also has deep blood-red blooms that are a striking plus! 6-10"

NEW 40232 Azalea ’J. T. Lovett’ — (Satsuki) [Mid/Late, -5o F, Low] Single, peachy-pink flowers sometimes with a darker blotch. 6-10"

40041 Azalea ‘Kazan’ — (Satsuki) [Late, -5oF, Dwarf] Gardeners and bonsai artists alike seek this favorite for its splendid foliage and flowers. A slow grower, ‘Kazan' is spiked with heavy stems which carry heart shaped, waxen leaves. In May ‘Kazan' blooms showy 1-2" small lobed flowers in hues of salmon-pink with red-violet throats. A young bloomer, these flowers can appear on a plant as small as 1". Also known in the U.S. as ‘Rukizon', although its correct name is ‘Kazan'. 6-10"

40781 Azalea ‘Kintaiyo’ — (Wada) [Mid, 15oF, Medium] This lovely hybrid from the noted Japanese plantsman has pink tipped buds that open to a pure white flower that has a blended pink flower edge. The sepals have transformed into short white and pink petaloides giving the flower a frilly look. 6-10"

Azalea kiusianum — See Rhododendron Species section.

40023 Azalea ‘Koromo Shikibu’ — (R. macrosepalum) [Mid, -15oF, Low] This spreader is distinguished by its light green, hairy leaves which take on a red tinge in winter. Fragrant flowers are lavender with rose-violet flecks and dark tips. Strap-like petals, measuring ½'' in width and 1½'' in length, provide a nice contrast to the broader lobed flowers of most azaleas. 6-10", 10-15"

40707 Azalea ‘Leslie’s Purple’ — (Girard) [Mid,-10°, Semi-dwarf] Syn. Girard's Purple. A nice plant with flowers of a strong purple-red with darker spotting. Flowers have graceful wavy edges. 10-15"

40244 Azalea 'Not Linda Jean’ — (Greenwood) [Mid, -5oF, Low] We find this is NOT 'Linda Jean' with deep purple pink 3'' double, hose-in-hose flowers with no stamens that makes a nice show on rounded broad plants.   But it beautiful! See the pictures above! 6-10", 10-15"

40071 Azalea ‘Lorna’ — (Gable) [Mid, -5oF, Low/Medium] A cross of ‘Caroline Gable' and ‘Louise Gable,' ‘Lorna' features double hose-in-hose blooms that are flushed rose-pink with red-violet undertones. A low growing spreader, it reaches 2-3' in height. Try this beauty in a group planting! SOLD OUT

40025 Azalea ‘Louise Gable’ — (Gable) [Mid/Late, -5oF, Low/Medium] Still considered one of Gable's finest, this stately late May bloomer effuses semi-double flowers colored medium pink with a darker blotch. Its spreading, dense habit and height of 3' render it excellent for use in borders. 6-10"

Azalea ‘Macrantha’ — See Azalea ‘Osakazuki’.

40091 Azalea ‘Martha Hitchcock’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid, -15oF, Medium] Deservedly a top-rated Glenn Dale hybrid, ‘Martha Hitchcock' bursts into splendor early to mid-May. 3" bi-color flowers have magenta margins and white centers, chartreuse flecks dot the throats, becoming rich violet as they cross into the margins. Strong shoots often produce purple flowers; however, these same lateral shoots will give flowers of the correct color pattern thereafter. Broad and spreading, it reaches 4'. Stunning! SOLD OUT

NEW 40780 Azalea ‘Meikyo’ — (Satsuki) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] A vigorous, spreading white azalea with the irregular red markings that are so typical and desirable in the Satsukis. Always eye catching. 6-10"

40238 Azalea ‘Melissa Sue’ — Just not like any other azalea. Deep white petals with tips dipped ever so lightly into ruby port that quickly fades into the snow.6-10"

40779 Azalea ‘Misty Plum’ — (Back Acers) [Mid, - 10oF, Medium] Large purple red flowers with white edges and a dark blotch with a green wash! WOW. You'll like this one. SOLD OUT


40029 Azalea ‘Mother’s Day’ — (Kurume) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] A hybrid of ‘Hinode-giri', ‘Mother's Day' was awarded a Horticultural Commendation by the R.H.S. With their clean lines, pure color, and texture heavier than most, these flowers have substance." Two inch, "hose-in-hose" to semi-double blooms are rose-red, with slightly darker spotting in the throat, which adds depth rather than contrast. 6-10"

40212 Azalea ‘Nancy of Robin Hill’ — (Robin Hill) [Late, -5oF, Low] Elegant! That describes these 3", peony-like, semi to double, hose-in-hose flowers. The base color of tinted pink blends to deeper pink tones at the throat, accented by deep pink-purple flares that peek out from the folded double petals. A very nice plant to put in front of larger rhododendrons as only reaches about 20". 6-10"

40245 Azalea ‘Nuccio’s Purple Dragon’ — Nuccio) [Mid, -0oF, Medium] If you believe in dragons, you will believe this is purple! By whatever color or name, this is a unique and delightful flower form and color. Its petals have been transformed into many petaloides that are cut to the base and are spotted and shaded with a dark blue pink to a medium pink and then a light pink on each petaloide. Puff would wear such a flower. 6-10"

Azalea obtusum var. amoenum — See Rhododendron Species section of catalog.

40122 Azalea ‘Orange Sherbet’ — (Guttormsen) [Mid, 0oF, Dwarf] Double, 2-3", yummy orange-red blooms cover this dainty azalea mid-May. It reaches only about 1'x1½'. 6-10"

40728 Azalea ‘Osakazuki’ — (R. indicum) [Late, -5oF, Low] In the Macrantha group. This old cultivar blooms heavily in waves of deep salmon-pink. Flowers feature dark corollas. In Japan, specimens over 100 years old reach 9' across. In 10 years it mounds to 2'. Wonderful! 10-15"

40032 Azalea ‘Peach Fuzz’ — (Reid) [Late, Med.] This plant must get its name from an optical effect. The pretty pink semi-double flowers cause temporary blindness, with their ruffly beauty. Overall a very nice addition to any garden. 6-10"

40035 Azalea ‘Pearl Bradford’ — (Glenn Dale) [Late, -5oF, Medium] Broad and spreading to 2-4' high, ‘Pearl Bradford' does best in afternoon shade. In June, 3" flowers unfold in hues of rose-pink, accented with blotches comprised of distinct Tyrian purple dots. 6-10"

Azalea pink kiusianum — See Rhododendron Species section.

40037 Azalea ‘Purple Splendor’ — (Gable) [Mid, -20oF, Low/Medium] Much requested ...and here's why: fringed, hose-in-hose orchid-purple flowers with darker spotting in the throats smother the plant in May. It is spreading in habit. Quite splendid! 6-10"

40031 Azalea ‘Red Wing’ — (Belgian) [Late, -5oF, Medium] Syn. ‘Redwings'. Hose-in-hose ruffled 3" blooms blanket this popular azalea in rich, vivid fuchsia rose hues. Habit is upright, to 4-6'. Subtle, yet distinctive. 6-10", 10-15"

40120 Azalea ‘Renee Michelle’ — (Girard) [Mid/Late, -10oF, Low] Hardy and beautiful! Blooms showcase large, pink flowers marked by light red flecks, which in turn, accentuate the flowers' rounded, ruffled lobes. Even when not in bloom, this pleasing plant's dark green leaves provide interesting texture. 6-10"

40182 Azalea ‘Roehr’s Peggy Ann’ — (R. kaempferi) [Late, -5oF, Low] Creamy pastel pink to white centers yield to light rose-purple margins on these 2" hose-in-hose blooms. Flowers are further graced by flecks of matching rose-purple, and chartreuse pistil and stamens add the illusion of a pale lime eye deep in the corolla. Maintains a compact form. Gorgeous! 6-10"

Azalea ‘Rosaflora’ — Syn. for R. indicum ‘Balsaminiflora'. See listing in Rhododendron species section.

40040 Azalea ‘Rosebud’ — (Kurume) [Mid, -5oF, Low] True to its name, ‘Rosebud' displays blooms whose shell pink tones and double, hose-in-hose structure recall the classic beauty of roses. A slow grower, this tidy azalea is characterized by spreading growth. 6-10"

40180 Azalea ‘Royal Robe’ — (Greenwood) [Late, -5oF, Low] A cross between ‘Helen Close' and ‘Purple Splendor,' ‘Royal Robe' effuses constellations of 3½'', hose-in-hose rich orchid-purple blooms. Deep green leaves provide year round interest. Habit is compact and rounded. 6-10"

Azalea ‘Rukizon’ — see Azalea ‘Kazan’.

40096 Azalea ‘Sagittarius’ — (Glenn Dale) [Mid, -5oF, Low] Large, single flowers of 3" span. They are warm pink with a slight salmon undertone and distinctive rose dots in blotch. 6-10"


40246 Azalea ‘Sara Holden’ — (Robin Hill) [Late, -5oF, Low] White with sectors flushed with light to deep pink. Very floriferous and a nice form to the flower. 6-10"

NEW 40546 Azalea ‘Satelite’ — (Klupenger) [Mid, 15oF, Medium] Pink edged with white, double 3 ½" flowers. Very nice. 6-10"

40240 Azalea ‘Shannon’s Dwarf Pepper’ —(Girard) [Mid, -15oF, Dwarf] This cute sport of "Girard's Hot Shot" is a tight, compact plant with tiny leaves and flowers. It is a heavy bloomer covering itself in tiny, single chili pepper red flowers! Special. 6-10"

40042 Azalea ‘Sherwood Orchid’ — (Kurume) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] Syn. ‘Sherwoodi'.Mid-season flowers reveal a unique palette: from afar, they glow a deep magenta with rose undertones. Upon closer scrutiny, they fade in subtle streaks toward the corolla, presenting a red-orange flare dotted with blood-red flecks. 6-10", 10-15"

40008 Azalea ‘Silver Sword’ — (Girard) [Mid, 0oF, Medium] Yew green leaves laced white the edges are the hallmark of this year round delight. Blooms dark rose-purple with darker veins radiating from the corolla feature frilly waved lobes and a 2½'' span. In fall, leaves take on a red tinge. ‘Silver Sword' brightens any shady corner. 6-10"

40176 Azalea ‘Snow’ — (Kurume) [Early/Mid, -5°F, Medium] Surprise, surprise, the hose-in-hose flowers are white with a faint chartreuse blotch. Early to midseason. 6-10"

40046 Azalea ‘Stewartstonian’ — (Gable) [Early, -20oF, Medium] A sun tolerant hybrid, ‘Stewartstonian' displays lush red 2" blooms that, in the light, appear blood orange. Winter foliage deepens to wine red, rendering it excellent for color in the winter garden. Excellent for bonsai, as well. 6-10"

40777 Azalea ‘Sun Star’ — (Domoto) [Mid, 15°F, Medium] This Krume has 1" flowers that cover this plant when in bloom. The flowers are a strong blue pink with a darker blotch. Perky and bright. You'll like this old Japanese variety. 6-10"

40214 Azalea ‘Tenino’ — (Greenwood) [Late, -5oF, Low] Double, 3" hose-in-hose lavender-rose flowers with deep rose flecking on this hybrid. A cross between ‘Purple Splendor' and ‘Helen Close.' Compact and spreading. Inter-plant ‘Tenino', ‘Tara' and ‘Royal Robe' for a beautiful lesson in genetics! 6-10"

40044 Azalea ‘Tina’ — (Greenwood) [Early, -5oF, Dwarf] The 1½'' hose-in-hose blooms have translucent creamy pink margins and a darker pink corolla. A compact, rounded habit achieves a height of 1' and a width of 1½'. 6-10"

40157 Azalea ‘Twenty Grand’ — (Leach) [Mid, -5oF, Medium] Semi-double 2" blooms with broad lobes display hues of red-violet pink with salmon undertones. Spreading in habit, it grows 3-5' in height. 6-10"

40049 Azalea ‘Vuyk’s Scarlet’ — (Vuykiana) [Mid, -5oF, Low] This hybrid is distinguished by its prolific bright scarlet flowers with violet undertones and wavy lobes. Glossy, dark green foliage clothes this plant's spreading habit. 6-10"

40050 Azalea ‘Ward’s Ruby’ — (Kurume) [Mid, 10oF, Low] Considered to be one of the best true reds, and rightly so. The color is pure, rich red, and the flowers have no spots or flares to detract from the continuity. Even the stamens are ruby red! The plant displays unusual and attractive burgundy foliage in winter. Does best in milder winter areas. A real jewel!! 3-6"


40051 Azalea ‘White Rosebud’ — (Kehr) [Mid, -5oF, Low] Like ‘Rosebud’, ‘White Rosebud’ is named for its form. Buds shaped like rose buds open into a profusion of 2" white blooms with chartreuse throats. Numerous ruffled, overlapping lobes complete the effect. ‘White Rosebud’ has interesting, pale green new foliage. 6-10"

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